Yellow Butte Fire Lookout

Administrative agency: DFPA

Staffing status: paid position



Access: no signs are present, a gate is located around mile from the tower, but the present lookout has been leaving it opened, the tower is around 10 miles from the pavement depending on which way you go

Road conditions: the road is graveled pretty well

Interior: the cab contains a propane stove, heater, and refrigerator, a propane water heater is mounted under the sink and vents outside, the cab is lighted with 110 and 12 volt lights, two beds, a table, and counter with hot and cold running water sink are also present

Other structures on summit: several radio buildings and towers are present, as well as two outhouses and two portable propane tanks, the radio buildings and towers have solar panels mounted on them as well as backup generator power

Electrical power source: the radio and refrigerator controls are powered by a 20 watt solar panel, the lookout have their own 1.5 KW Coleman gas powered generator which powers some appliances as well as charges two deep cycle batteries which power more radios and scanners as well as lights, and the water pump

Other: Richard and Linda have worked to make this tower their home away from home, they actually mow and I think water a lawn, this is the only time I have seen that, the engines pump water into barrels on the catwalk, which is used for the sink and shower, the shower is located on the level below the cab, they even have a picnic table

Visited: Dominic Luebbers in June 2001


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