Wolf Mountain Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  Ochoco NF

Staffing status:  paid position

Elevation:  6370 ft

Structure:  1947 108 ft wooden tower with L-4 cab

Access:  no gates are present, the tower is at somewhere around 10 miles from the pavement, depending on which way you chose to come, the spur road is signed, it is less than a 1/4 mile from the main road

Road conditions:  the graveled portion is a little rough in places, but is pretty good, the spur contains a lot of large rocks, and is somewhat rough

Interior:  the tower has recently had a large amount of work done on it, the cab contains propane lighting, a propane stove, refrigerator and heater, a bed, table, and shelves are also present

Other structures on summit:  a storage building sits directly under the tower, a radio building and tower sit next to the lookout, as well as a rack with a solar array mounted on it, a permanent propane tank is also present

Electrical power source:  a small panel powers the radios, and phone, a propane generator had been installed on the tower to power the electric winch as well as several outlets in the cab, but the lookout said it was not working

Other:  this is the tallest lookout in Oregon, the view of the surrounding area is nice, the original one wire phone line is still in tacked, and still works, this is the only time I have seen that, Fern has been working on this and other Ochoco lookouts for years, and still climbs this 108 ft tower

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in July 2001

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