White Point Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  Medford ODF 

Staffing status:  paid position 

Elevation:    5075 ft 

Structure:   1974 30 ft wooden tower with cab

Access:  the tower is around 6 miles from the pavement, it is signed several times, a gate is present around a quarter mile from the lookout, it may be opened during staffing, it was opened during my visit 

Road conditions:  the road is graveled for around three miles, wash boarding is present, the rest of the road is dirt with some ruts and rough spots

Interior:  the cab contains a propane heater, stove, light, and refrigerator, a bed, table, and shelves are also present

Other structures on summit:  some large structures that resemble a drive in movie screen sit near the tower, they are non electric, and likely used for communication purposes, a small building sits near the tower, propane tanks are portable

Electrical power source:  a small solar panel is used to power the radio, the lookouts had their own system of a panel that charged a deep cycle battery and powered their television and an incandescent light

Other:  a solar heated shower had been setup, but was not used, the view from the tower is nice, this tower is located less than three miles from Halls Point lookout, both are staffed, they can not see each other due to the landscape, and do not share much if any seen area                                                                                             

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in July 2001

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