Warner Mountain Fire Lookout


Administrative agency:Willamette NF

Staffing status:paid position, and a rental in the winter

Elevation:  5723 ft

Structure:  1986 wooden tower from Grass Mtn, with copula cab

Access:this is the most easy to find LO I have ever been to, a good 20 signs are present, if you are in the area you canít miss it, the LO lies 8-12 miles off the pavement, a gate is located approx ľ mile from the tower, and will likely be opened if the LO is accepting visitors

Road conditions:the road is well graveled, a few ruts in some places


Other structures on summit:a storage cabin is present, a radio facility is present several miles from the tower, propane is provided via a permanent tank

Electrical power source: a propane generator I believe

Other:this LO is somewhat interestingly located on the side of a ridge , with a good view in most places, it appears the Willamette realized the importance of LOs, as they built this one at a late date

Visited:Dominic Luebbers in September 2001

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the Warner area from the road


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