Walker Mountain Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  Deschutes NF

Staffing status:  occasionally used for emergencies

Elevation:  7078 ft

Structure:  1917 cabin, and 1932 35 metal tower with L-4 cab

Access:  the tower is initially signed from the highway, but the road up to it is not signed, no gates are present, the tower is at least 10 miles from the highway

Road conditions:  the road is graveled until the spur, in the area of 2-3 miles from the tower, it is dirt for the rest of the way, some ruts were present, the steeper parts might be a little interesting when wet

Interior:  the interior of the cabin contains a fireplace, and bench, the tower was locked during my visit   

Other structures on summit:  the original 1917 cabin is being restored, it is possibly the oldest intact lookout related structure in Oregon, a garage, many radio towers and buildings, as well as backup generators and propane tanks are also present, some radio equipment is also mounted on the tower  

Electrical power source:  grid power

Other:  it is nice to see restoration efforts on the cabin, the view isn't too bad either

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in July 2001


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the view   

Walker Mtn from Odell Butte

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