Trout Creek Butte Lookout


not the best photo due to trees on the summit

Administrative agency:  Deschutes NF
Staffing status: 
probably last used in the 1970's, presently abandoned
1933 86ft steel Aermotor tower
this site is rather close to Sisters and can be accessed in a relatively short amount of time, the road starts out paved, depending on which way you go, the road eventually changes to gravel at least five miles from the lookout, a gate is present 1/2-1 mile from the tower but was opened during my visit, the roads are signed rather well, as you approach the lookout it gets a little sketchy, continue to go uphill on the main road and you will find the lookout
Road conditions: 
the paved road is in pretty good condition, most of the gravel section is in good condition as well, although some wash boarding is present, once close to the lookout the road deteriorates but should be accessible to most vehicles if you drive slowly
unknown, likely not much remains, many of the windows are broken
Other structures on summit: 
none, living quarters were likely present at onetime, and some evidence of past structures is visible
Electric power source: 
there isn't too much to see at this site, three levels of the lookout stairs have been removed starting at the ground, so climbing the tower is only for the adventurous, there is somewhat of a view of the Three Sisters from the ground through the trees although it is spotty, if the trees were removed the view would be excellent, a glimpse of the view is also available from the access road
Dominic Luebbers September 2002

It is difficult to get a good photo of the lookout with so many trees on the summit.


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