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Administrative agency:  the lookout resides on the Ochoco NF although is staffed by the Prineville BLM
Staffing status:
  contract position
  1955 20ft wooden tower with L-4 cab containing external shutter props, also containing nice large single pane windows
Access:  access to this tower is rather easy, when driving on highway 380 the lookout is signed, the road turns to gravel, the road does fork sometimes as you drive by ranches, but the main road is usually obvious, after a few miles FS land is entered, several other roads are necessary to access the lookout but signs pointing to the lookout are present at every major junction, some even giving the miles necessary until the lookout is reached, distance to the lookout from the highway is around 10-15 all on gravel roads, no gates are present
Road conditions:
  the road is in pretty good condition initially and does decrease somewhat when closer to the lookout, but should be usable with most vehicles
  the interior contains a bed, table, shelves, propane heater, refrigerator, lights, and stove
Other structures on summit:
  a larger permanently mounted propane tank sits near the lookout, a building housing the generator, water heater, and possibly other items sits near it, an outhouse style building sits nearby, a flagpole and a second unknown pole are also on the summit
Electric energy source:
  the electrical system of Tower Point is somewhat unusual, a rather small single solar panel charges a battery through a charge controller which is connected to the cell phone and radio, a propane generator (apparently an Onan 3-4KW) is housed in a separate building, this provides 120V AC energy to the cab for outlets and lighting including outlets and a light under the cab
  Tower Point is one of the fewer Oregon lookout with a decent shower system, a engine brings clean water from town to the summit and drains it into a 200-300gal tank, a 12V DC pump pumps the water to a propane RV style water heater, it then goes through a garden hose to an outhouse type building where a garden nozzle acts as the showerhead, although not the most luxurious it is better then many lookouts, the view takes in some forest although the lookout resides on a detached portion of forest from the main body of the Ochoco, much of the land is rangeland with some trees, largely BLM land, even buildings in Prineville are rather easily visible, the well signed access and no gates make this lookout nice place to visit

Mark presently holds the contract for Tower Point.  He has been working on lookouts for years and has also worked Illahee Rock, and enjoys the lookout life.

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers September 2002





the view of Tower Point when traveling up the road


the patchy view through scattered showers

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