Sugarloaf Mountain Lookout


The lookout through the trees with the sign telling you where you are.

Administrative agency:  Malheur NF although staffed by the Burns Interagency Zone
Staffing status:
  paid position
  1949 32ft wooden tower with L-4 cab, using external shutter props
Access:  access to this lookout is fairly easy, when traveling on the main forest road, a sign is present noting "Sugarloaf Lookout 5 miles" following that road is pretty straightforward, around 3/4 miles from lookout the road will fork, keep to the right, it is also the more traveled road, you will then come to the lookout area, encountering the garage, the lookout sits on a rock which can be denoted by the name, their is a short road that climbs closer to the lookout but parking by the garage is probably the best idea, overall an easy visit with no gates present
Road conditions:
  the main forest road is in good condition and paved, the road to the lookout is somewhat rough containing a lot of natural rock, potholes and wash boarding is also present, the road is rather wide in most places but due to the roughness of the road driving slowly is a good idea, access should be available for most vehicles if driving slowly
  the interior likely contains the standard lookout equipment
Other structures on summit:
  an older garage, which could use some maintenance, sits near the lookout as do two outhouses the newer one replacing the older one, a permanently mounted propane tank sits almost next to the tower, remnants of what might have once been a communication tower are also present
Electric power source: 
several small solar panels are mounted on the roof of the lookout
  Sugarloaf is yet another example of the attention paid to lookouts in this area with many still being used, the location is nice with easy access, the view of the surrounding forest and rangeland is great, other lookouts are visible as well, when in the area the nearby Yellowjacket Campground and Yellowjacket Lake can be a nice spot to spend the night
Dominic Luebbers September 2002

Not the best photos due to the late time of day and poor weather.


the lookout with the roof of the garage in the foreground

another view of the lookout and the rock



the view at dusk with a somewhat cloudy sky

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