Snow Mountain Lookout


The modified Snow Mountain looks over many acres of the surrounding forest.

Administrative agency:  the lookout resides on the Ochoco NF (now Malheur due to land exchange?) although is staffed by the Burns Interagency Zone
Staffing status:
  paid position
1961 10ft wooden tower with R-6 cab, recently modified adding very nice large windows for much better visibility
Access:  the site is pretty easy to access, when coming from Prineville the road is paved most of the way until you reach the forest boundary, it then becomes gravel, there are several main FS roads in the area which lead close to the lookout, if I remember correctly the roads were signed rather well with road numbers, no gates are present with the number of gravel road miles around 10
Road conditions:
  the gravel roads are in pretty good condition, nearing the lookout the road is composed or dirt and natural rock with perhaps some gravel added, it does become somewhat rough toward the end, driving slowly and cautiously is advisable
  the interior contains the traditional lookout items
Other structures on summit:
  a nice vault style toilet facility is onsite, complete with a sidewalk accessing it, a permanently mounted propane tank sits near the lookout as does a repeater tower and several small buildings a RAWS station appears to sit to the east a little on a spur road, click hear to see the weather conditions on Snow Mountain (this links to a NOAA site)
Electric energy source:
  several solar panels are mounted on the roof of the lookout, as well as several mounted on the repeaters, the RAWS station likely contains some as well
  although not shown well in my photos this lookout enjoys spectacular panoramic views, in any direction miles and miles of forest and rangeland are before you, no question this is one of the best sites for a lookout, the reverse of this is that Snow Mountain can be seen from many other lookouts around it, this is truly a must visit lookout for those interested in expansive views of Eastern Oregon, the building itself appears to be in good condition with the recent addition of large windows, the summit is somewhat spacious with grasses at the top and trees down the hill a little ways, it is also a popular spot for hunters when the season begins
Dominic Luebbers September 2002

Another example of somewhat poor conditions to take photos, as well as some neglectful photo processing.

the lookout and accompanying buildings

another shot of the lookout and communication tower


the lookout as seen right before cresting the hill

the view of the surroundings with scattered rain showers

looking toward the spur road and RAWS station

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