Shriner Peak Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  Mt Rainier NP

Staffing status:  available for emergencies as well as a cabin for backcountry rangers

Elevation:  5834ft

Structure:  1932 two story NPS cab

Access:  a 4 mile hike is required to get to the tower, the trail climbs 3,400 ft in that four miles, so it is a little steep

Road conditions:  the trailhead is actually outside the fee area, it is on the side of the highway, so access is paved

Interior:  the cab contains a propane stove, and possibly heater, lighting is provided via a portable lantern, a table, bed, and shelves are also present, the bottom story contains a bed, radio repeater, batteries, shelving, and a portable generator

Other structures on summit:  an outhouse minus the walls sits near the trail camp, propane tanks are portable

Electrical power source:  a solar panel is mounted on a pole next to the tower, it powers the radio repeater housed in the bottom story

Other:  the lookout has recently had a lot of work done on it, including a new roof, the view would have likely been great, but was absent on my visit due to clouds, the tower sits in a nice surrounding, it is nice to see that it is used for wilderness rangers, and is maintained

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in August 2001

click on the top floor to see pictures of the interior

click on the lower floor to see a picture of the lower interior

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the lookout from different angles in the clouds

the tower from the trail camp   


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