Rustler Peak Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  Rogue River NF

Staffing status:  paid position

Elevation:  6208 ft

Structure:  1948 30 ft wooden tower with L-4 cab

Access:  the tower is at least 10 miles from the pavement using the route I did, a gate was present many miles from the tower, but it is likely left opened during the summer, and in place to close off the whole area, a second gate is present, 1-2 miles from the tower, and may be left opened by the lookouts, it was opened during my visit, no signs pointing specifically to the tower are present

Road conditions:  the road is long, but graveled, and in good condition

Interior:  the cab contains a propane heater, lighting, refrigerator, and stove, a bed table, and shelf is also present

Other structures on summit:  the permanently mounted propane tank is covered with some kind of roof, a radio building with propane heat, and possibly backup power is also present

Electrical power source:  the radio building has a fair size solar array on the roof, the tower has some sort of power source, for the radio and phone

Other:  the tower has a nice view, and has recently had some serious work done on it

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in July 2001

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Rustler from different angles 

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view2.JPG (35281 bytes)

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  the view


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