Red Mountain Fire Lookout


Administrative agency:  Umpqua NF

Staffing status:  interpretive, LO was moved from its summit in 1985, and placed on a small hill next to the Tiller Ranger Station, the summit is still used as a staging point for engines


Structure:  1928 D-6 copula cabin

Access:  the LO is signed as you drive by the ranger station, it is a very short walk up to it

Road conditions:  paved all the way

Interior:  the LO has been setup as it would look many years ago, it was locked as of my visit

Other structures on summit:  NA

Electrical power source:  NA

Other:  it is worth a stop to see the old cupola, but there is no view, this it is not really a “lookout” anymore, I would recommend going to a tower still on the summit however, the lookout could have been burned, so I am glad they saved it

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in May 2001


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