Pig Iron Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  Umpqua NF

Staffing status:  emergency

Elevation:  4881 ft 

Structure:  10 ft tower with modified L-4 cab

Access:  the lookout is around 10 miles from the pavement, a gates is present a mile or so off the pavement, if it is closed, you might as well give up, although it is probably left opened during the summer, a sign or two that say “Pig Iron” are present once you are passed the first gate, although the actual tower is not signed, a second gate is present about a mile from the tower, the gate will likely be closed, although the walk is level

Road conditions:  the road it well graveled, it does contain a couple rough spots, but is in good condition

Interior:  the cab contains propane lighting, a propane refrigerator, stove, and heater, it also contains a bed, table, and counter

Other structures on summit:  a radio repeater is present on the ridge right before you come to the tower, it contains a solar array, the LO did not have any propane tanks that I saw

Electrical power source:  the tower is wired for electricity, although I didn’t see any batteries or panels there, they were likely removed after it was put on standby status

Other:  the tower has nice windows, and is well maintained, it is another interestingly located one, as it sits far from the summit on the side of a ridge, one window looks directly into the parking area, however it does have a good view, it will be receiving sizable maintenance in the coming years

Visited:  Dominic Luebbres in September 2001

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