Old Blue Fire Lookout

Administrative agency: DFPA

Staffing status: paid position



Access: no signs are present, a gate is present about a mile from the tower, it will likely be closed, the gate is around 10 miles from the highway, perhaps further

Road conditions: the road is paved all the way up to the gate, however the last mile is dirt, it may be graveled in the future

Interior: the cab contains a propane light, heater, stove top, and refrigerator, a bed, table, counter, and sink are also present

Other structures on summit: none, two portable propane tanks are present

Electrical power source: a 20watt solar panel is used for the purpose of powering the radio, the LO runs her TV off of the battery in her pickup

Other: this tower is not very far from the CFPAs Kelly Butte, both are staffed, the tower has a good view of the surrounding forest

Visited: Dominic Luebbers in July 2001

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the view

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