Olallie Mountain Lookout


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Administrative agency:  Willamette NF
Staffing status: 
last used in the 1970s, it is mostly abandoned, the summit (not the lookout) has recently been used for emergency detection
Structure:  1932 Gable Roofed ground L-4 Cab with all metal shutter props
Access:  the best access is from the north, it can be accomplished several ways, with the shortest amount of gravel road driving around 5 miles, the trailhead is then reached, the trails are well signed and there is plenty of parking at the trailhead, it is then approximately a 3.5 mile hike to the lookout
Road conditions:  the gravel road is a little bumpy but is suitable for most vehicles, the paved portion before the gravel section is at least 10 miles in length, it does reduce to one lane with many rocks fallen on the shoulder, the trail is in good condition and easy to find, it receives frequent maintenance, after hiking a couple miles on the initial trail, the trail to the mountain is signed, the hike is easy, passing though different types of terrain along with at least one meadow, the lookout is located in the Three Sisters Wilderness, all wilderness restrictions apply, a self issue wilderness permit is available free of charge at the trailhead and is required, a Northwest Forest Pass is also required and can be purchased at the nearby McKenzie Ranger Station
Interior:  the interior contains a chair as well as a ladder and the shutter props but is mostly empty, it is in great need of help with birds nesting in the attic, the floor sagging and the paint pealing, however, visitors have been very respectful leaving every windowpane unbroken
Other structures on summit:  none, markers that once served as the helipad are still present
Electric power source: 
this is an excellent lookout site with great views of the Three Sisters, as well as the rolling hills of the surrounding forest, much of which is untouched, Indian Ridge Lookout is visible with binoculars, the area itself does receive some fire activity and if the lookout were to ever be staffed could possibly be useful
the lookout is in need of help, the floor is sagging, the paint peeling, the roof likely leaking, as well as other problems, the FS hasn't done much maintenance on it for quite some time, although in 2001 plywood was attached to the windows without shutters, and possibly at that same time the remaining shutters with the exception of the one over the door were screwed down, the lookout may be removed in the future due to some people not liking structures in the wilderness no matter how historic or harmless they may be, the issue is currently under consideration by the Forest Service
Visited:  Dominic Luebbers July 2002

visible in this photo is newer plywood over the missing shutter

the view of the back



the view as approached from the trail



I try to shade the oncoming sun to take this photo





the view towards Indian Ridge Lookout


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