Odell Butte Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  Deschutes NF

Staffing status:  paid position 

Elevation:  7033 ft

Structure:  1963 30 ft wooden tower with modified R-6 cab

Access:  the tower is a little over 5 miles from the highway, if you come in from the west, several signs are present, and it is accessible without a map, a gate is present seven tenths of a mile from the tower, and will be closed, although visitors are welcomed

Road conditions:  the road is graveled, it is slightly bumpy in a couple places, but it is in pretty good condition, a parking area is present at the gate

Interior:  the cab contains electric lighting, an electric heater, stove, and refrigerator, it also contains a bed, desk, and shelving, this is the nicest cab interior I have ever seen, it has very nice windows, min blinds, hard wood flooring, and a hardwood ceiling, not to mention nice woodwork everywhere else, the wiring is even concealed in the walls

Other structures on summit:  several radio repeater towers and buildings, a building with a shower is also present

Electrical power source:  grid power, the backup system includes a solar panel which charges a deep cycle battery, which is connected to a relay and will automatically take the load of the phone, some lighting, and I believe the handheld radio, in the event of an outage

Other:  Jim has been working on lookouts since 1970, he has been at Odell since 1979, after staying at the same lookout for this long it is no wonder he has such a nice cab, feel free to go up and visit, be sure to ask permission before climbing the tower, he has a long fire season with many first reports a season, I visited during a thunder storm, and saw live smoke, the view was a little cloudy, but would be great on a clear day

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in May and September 2001

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  not the best lighting on that day 

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ancient lava flow 

the view on a cloudy day a smoke is out there somewhere

  Odell Butte from the road


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