Mt Sexton Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  Grants Pass ODF

Staffing status:  paid position

Elevation: 3834 ft

Structure:  1920 cupola, 1932 house which once had a copula to watch for fires, and 1963 30 ft wooden tower with cab

Access:  the access requiring the shortest walk is from the west, a gate is present about a half mile from the tower, a Mt Sexton sign is attached on the gate, but is the only sing present, the gate will likely be closed, the summit appears to be private property, and is not visitor friendly, the gate is about 4 miles from the pavement 

Road conditions:  the road is graveled rather well, and is in good condition all the way to the tower

Interior:  ???

Other structures on summit:  the summit is rather crowded, the original cupola from 1920 is used for storage, it may be the oldest intact one of its kind in many many miles, a house with large water tank, large garage, several backup generators, a propane tank or two, several radio towers, a high one is located on the south access road, some electronic weather equipment, and even a small garden are also present

Electrical power source:  grid power

Other:  this tower shares the same section as Interstate 5, however it is not the best one to visit, it is visible from the freeway if you know what you are looking for  Click here for the current weather conditions on Mt Sexton

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in August 2001

Can you see the cupola? Click on the roof for a closer view.


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   Mt Sexton

  the view 

a tree struck by lightening in the 60's