Mt Scott Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:DFPA

Staffing status:paid position



Access:a sign is present after the gate, which is present at least 2 miles from the tower, the gate is at least 5 miles from the main road, the gate will be closed, the summit is privately owned, and is not visitor friendly

Road conditions:the road is graveled all the way to the tower, it does get bumpy in some spots

Interior:the cab contains a light, stove, heater, and refrigerator powered by electricity, a bed, table, chair, and shelves are also present

Other structures on summit:many radio towers as well as radio equipment buildings, backup generators, and propane tanks

Electrical power source:grid power

Other:the tower sits right on the edge of a cliff, the view is great due to it being higher than itís surroundings, it is too bad it is not visitor friendly, the tower/summit can be seen from several miles around, Earl has been staffing the tower for a number of years, he has also worked on lookouts for the FS

Visited:Dominic Luebbers in June 2001

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Mt Scott from Harness LO

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