Iron Mountain Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  Willamette NF

Staffing status:  volunteer/paid position, changes yearly, it is not scheduled to be staffed in 2002

Elevation:  5455 ft

Structure:  ground mounted R-6 flat moved from Herman lookout in 1976 

Access:  there are at least two trailheads to access the lookout, I used the shorter one, the lookout is not signed initially, but is signed several times after that, no gates are present, it is less than 5 miles from the pavement to the trailhead the trail is .9 miles long with various interpretive signs along the way

Road conditions:  the road was wash boarded slightly in a couple spots, but was in good condition

Interior:  ???

Other structures on summit:  none, some radio equipment, likely batteries, is housed under the cab

Electrical power source:  several solar panels are mounted to the roof, and are likely used to power the radio repeater, and possibly some loads in the lookout

Other:  the outhouse on the summit is closed to the public however, a very nice vault toilet is present at the trailhead, the lookout may be closed to visitors, a sign at the trailhead is present reminding visitors to carry their own water, this summit does receive a good amount of visitors during the summers likely due to it being clearly visible from the highway, it sits on the edge of a cliff, the view from the top is very nice with many mountains to see 

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in November 2001 


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Three Sisters at sunset

Mt Jefferson  

Mt Hood   

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A plaque dedicated to Mike Robin who died in service at the lookout

the highway 



  the fog rolls in 



the garage at the trailhead


Iron Mtn from the road