Illahee Rock Fire Lookout

Administrative agency: Umpqua NF

Staffing status: contract, cupola is a future winter rental

Elevation:  5392 ft

Structure:  1925 D-6 cupola cabin, 1956 20 ft wooden tower with L-4 cab

Access: Illahee road is signed, the road to the trailhead is signed as a trailhead, about 10 miles from the pavement a gate is present at the trailhead road, it is likely left opened during fire season, if it is not opened, it will be a quarter miles walk to the trailhead, the trail is mile long, an easy hike

Road conditions: the road to the trailhead road is well graveled, the road past the gate is a little bumpy, but okay

Interior: the cab contains propane lights, a refrigerator, and stove, a woodstove is used for heating, a bed, table, and counter are also present, a list of every person who has ever worked at that location is also present

Other structures on summit: the original cupola is still on the summit, the cupola part has been dropped down, the building is presently used as a storage shed, and as a place to store the propane tanks, recently an effort to restore it has been underway, thanks largely to Ralph Thompson, he has painted the building, replaced many of the shutters with more historically correct designs, as well as doing some interior work, after the project is completed, the cupola will be placed on the rental program during the winter, a helipad is also present

Electrical power source: a solar panel is used to charge a large battery which is used to charge smaller batteries for the radios and to power the cell phone

Other: it is nice to see a historic cupola being restored at this visitor friendly tower

Visited: Dominic Luebbers in September 2001

click on the tower to go inside

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the cupola is looking better

 cupola interior      


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Illaheeviewofdot.JPG (36849 bytes)

  more of the view     

after a night of lightening Illahee was busy reporting smokes      

 Illahee from Pig Iron

 Illahee from  the road



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