Huckleberry Mountain Lookout


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Administrative agency:  Willamette NF
Staffing status: 
paid staffing position
Structure: slightly elevated 1938 L-4 cab with external shutter props and four pane windows, recently a very nice, large deck has been built encompassing the lookout
Access:  access to this lookout is pretty easy, getting out of Oakridge is a little sketchy but not bad, driving is on pavement for at least several miles, a junction is then encountered, and the road number is likely signed, a second junction occurs not too long after that, which is signed as well, at some point the road becomes Huckleberry Road, and the lookout is signed several times, one last major junction is in place, which was not signed at the time of my visit, but if I remember correctly, keep to the left, a gate is then encountered a mile or a little less from the lookout, it will likely be opened during staffing season from 9:30AM-6:00PM, a sign is present on the gate notifying when it closes, the gate will likely be opened at times mentioned above, but this is not a guarantee, once you reach the end of the road a very short walk is necessary to reach the lookout
Road conditions:  the paved road is in good condition, the gravel road is graded yearly but does contain some wash boarding, in general the lookout is accessible with almost any vehicle if you drive slowly
Interior:  the interior is in great condition, what is likely the original table and chair are present with possibly some other original furnishings, most of the original windows are present as well, other furnishings include a propane refrigerator and stove, a very nice propane woodstove, a bed, chairs, and shelves, a secondhand wood floor from Sand Mountain Lookout was recently added
Other structures on summit:  a permanently mounted propane tank sits at the end of the road as does a portable toilet structure which may be removed during the off season, a seismograph station sits near the larger parking area, an unobstructed walkway winds its way up to the lookout and is used as a Barrier-Free access for handicapped people, the walkway is gravel complete with benches along the way, a shorter foot trail is also present, the lookout also houses a radio repeater for the forest, the repeater sits right in the cab while the batteries reside below with the photovoltaic panels on the roof and the antenna tower next to the lookout
Electric power source:  the repeater is powered by solar panels on the roof, with batteries under the lookout, the few loads in the lookout connect to this system, lighting is provided with a battery powered lantern
Other:  the lookout has a nice view of the surrounding forest including the Three Sisters, The Waldo Lake Wilderness, and Mt. Hood on a good day, Waldo and Fairview Lookouts are visible with binoculars, restoration of Huckleberry begin somewhere in the early 1990's and was completed in 2002 with the addition of the recycled floor donated by the Sand Mountain Society who assisted former lookout Roxie and other volunteers in reviving the building to the excellent condition it is in today
Herald has been working on this LO for a fair number of years, and enjoys the lookout life having staffed Waldo Lookout in the 60's, visitors to the lookout will enjoy a friendly lookout as well as a nice view of the area and easy access to the site
Visited:  Dominic Luebbers August 2002

Huckleberry Lookout from the parking area

the lookout and part of the walkway



the view from the foot trail

the Hemlock Fire from the lookout during its second day

the rain gage and the surrounding forest


the Three Sisters behind the haze from the nearby fire


although not apparent in this hazy photo the lookout is visible from the access road

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