Paid Staffed Lookouts



Black Butte
(Deschutes NF)

Bland Mountain

Calamity Butte

Cinnamon Butte

Clear Lake Butte- winter rental 

Coffin Mountain

Dry Mountain

Dry Soda

Dutchman Butte

East Butte

Fairview Peak-recently staffed most of the summer, also recently rented before staffing

Flag Point- winter rental


Foley Butte

Halls Point


Henlke Butte

Huckleberry Mountain

Illahee Rock- future winter rental

Lava Butte

Mount Pisgah

Mount Scott (DFPA)

Mount Sexton

Odell Butte

Old Blue

Pickett Butte- winter rental

Round Mountain

Rustler Peak

Signal Tree

Silver Butte

SiSi Butte

Snow Mountain

Spring Butte


Tower Point

Warner Mountain- winter rental

Watchman Peak

White Point

Wolf Mountain

Yellow Butte

Volunteer Staffed Lookouts

Green Ridge- winter rental

Hickman Butte

Full Time Rental Lookouts 

Fall Mountain

Fivemile Butte- also used for emergencies

Emergency Lookouts

Bald Butte

Black Butte
(Malheure NF)

Burly Mountain- has not been rented in the winter for a few years, was recently staffed

Fox Butte

Gobblers Knob

Gold Butte- currently under restoration, future rental, may be used during emergencies

Hershberger- also opened to public use 

High Rock- might be used for public use, was staffed somewhat in 2002

King Mountain

Mount Fremont

Mount Scott- rumored to have been staffed in 2002

Pig Iron

Ritter Butte-is staffed as a patrol point

Shriner Peak

Tolmie Peak

Waldo Mountain- was staffed full time in 2001, not likely to be staffed for 2003

Walker Mountain- cabin is a future rental

West Myrtle

Interpretive Lookouts

Red Mountain

Public Use Lookouts

Bull of the Woods- emergency shelter?

Devil's Peak

Abandoned Lookouts

Mount Stella- recently added to the NRHP, may be restored in the future

Olallie Mountain

Rebel Rock

Saddleblanket Mountain

Trout Creek Butte

Wanoga Butte- most endangered lookout in the country


Acker Rock- was staffed somewhat in 2002, will likely be rented again in the future

Iron Mountain

Red Butte- possible future rental



















































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