What's New?

May 3, 2003-added East Butte, Foley Butte, Snow Mountain, Spring Butte, and Tower Point

Mid-late March 2003-hosting problems cause site to be down for around a week, better hosting is found and site comes back online, visitor counter is reset

March 14, 2003-added Bald Butte, Calamity Butte, Dry Mountain, Hickman Butte, King Mountain, Sugarloaf, West Myrtle

February 23, 2003-added New Comment Form, another step forward for this website

February 19, 2003-added Huckleberry Mountain, Olallie Mountain, and Rebel Rock

January 3, 2003- Happy New Year, added Fairview Peak, Fox Butte, Round Mountain, and Saddleblanket Mountain

December 29, 2002- added Black Butte (Deschutes NF), Bull of the Woods, Trout Creek Butte, Waldo Mountain, working on more...

December 23, 2002-  Ritter Butte photos added, currently working on adding over 30 new lookouts, check back later, I hope to add more by the end of the month

June 13, 2002-I will be working on Carpenter Mountain lookout in the Willamette NF this summer, visitors welcomed.

April 8th 2002- added Ritter Butte Lookout as well as some general site maintenance and lookout updates, more to come

December 21st 2001-  Lookout list in alphabetical order and  Lookouts listed by usage directories added  

December 15th- Coffin Mtn added

November 30th- Odell Butte added

Mid November- Pictures of Bland, Devilís Peak, Gold Butte, and Iron Mountain are added

October-site comes online




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