Photo take in 2005



 Hello everyone, I thought some people might like to know a little more about myself.  I am currently 23 years old.  I became interested in lookouts in 1999 while visiting Crater Lake NP with some of my family.  I am interested in solar power, and was hoping to find some solar panels on a remote building.  The view from the Watchman was poor due to clouds, but I did find solar panels.  We went to High Rock the next month.  We had tried to access it earlier, but the road was closed due to downed trees and we ran out of time.  This time we got to the tower, no solar was present, but the view was great.  We hiked to Gobblers Knob the next day, and found solar and an excellent view.  

I was so happy with my visit to Gobblers Knob, that I decided I wanted more information on lookouts.  I turned to the internet, and found some very nice websites.  I was amazed to discover that many many mountain tops had a lookout at one time.  I even found out there had been one 20 minutes from where I was living and I didn't even know about it!  The next summer I took my camera as we rented Fivemile Butte.  We visited other towers in the forest during our rental period.  I picked up some other lookouts that summer as well.  I contacted Rex and Zeyn to see if they were interested in my pictures.  I started talking with Zeyn about lookout jobs.  He provided me with staffing information, phone numbers as well as answering my endless questions, a special thanks to him for his time.  I sent many applications and was offered two jobs.  I chose the one with the Douglas Forest Protective Association, and chose to staff Bland Mountain for the summer of 2001.  I visited many other lookouts during my off time, and took many pictures, some turned out very well, others did not.  Although, most are not too bad considering I took them with a $30 camera.    

My hope for this website is to add to the information about lookouts on the internet.  Hopefully if more people realize lookouts are being taken down every summer, they will get involved.  Many have been saved by the rental program, but there are still a good number that are abandoned and nearing destruction. These towers were once an vital link in fire protection, and in my opinion, should be saved. 

I try to visit lookouts at almost every chance I get.  I don't really care if I find solar power or not, the view and the lookout are enough.  If you have yet to visit a lookout, go ahead and give it a try.  It is a good idea to start with one that is somewhat visitor friendly.  You may have to do a little country driving, and take a little walk, but the view should be worth it.  

In 2002 I worked on Carpenter Mountain for the Willamette NF, in 2003 I worked a month on Dry Soda Lookout for the Malheur NF, 2004 Cyclone Peak Flathead NF MT, 2005 Carpenter Mountain Willamette NF.  I have been to 149 lookouts at the moment and hope to eventually add them to this website.  However I am currently going to school which takes a lot of time, and I don't enjoy spending all of my free time using a computer.



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