High Rock Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:Gifford Pinchot NF

Staffing status:the tower was staffed every summer from the late 80ís, it was not staffed in 2001 due to the lookout being ill however, he is doing better and it should be staffed during dry weather during 2002

Elevation:  5685 ft

Structure: 1930 one and a half story gable roofed L-4

Access:the trailhead is well signed from the pavement, it is around 8 miles from the pavement, the trail to the tower is 1.6 miles long

Road conditions:the road does contain a large amount of potholes at some points, it is graveled all the way to the trailhead and beyond

Interior:the lower level is used for storage, the upper level contains a table, bed, and shelves

Other structures on summit:an older storage shed is slowly falling apart slightly below the summit

Electrical power source:a solar panel may be used to power the radio when it is staffed, nothing was present during my visit

Other:a segment of the phone line can be found next to the trail, although the LO is not is not the plushest, the view makes up for it, the tower itself sits on the edge of a cliff, Gobblers Knob is visible, and the view of Mt. Rainier is spectacular

Visited:Dominic Luebbers in August 1999, and August 2001

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the old storage building

   Mt Rainier


Gobblersarea.JPG (30355 bytes)

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the gobblers Knob area

Mt Adams off in the haze

Mt St Helens in the haze


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HighRockviewoffurtherdot.JPG (56018 bytes)


more of the view

the rock that High Rock sits on

High Rock from close to the trailhead

High Rock from further away on the road


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