Hickman Butte Lookout


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Hickman at sunset, photo taken from the communication tower.

Administrative agency:  Mt. Hood National Forest
Staffing status: 
Staffed, volunteer position
1952 41ft tower with L-4 cab with newer single pane windows
The lookout is located in the Bull Run Watershed which is closed to public access.  The site is 12 miles behind two locked gates.
Road conditions: 
The road is in fairly good condition with the exception of the last mile.
The cab contains a double bed, table, propane refrigerator, heater, stove, and oven, some shelves and a nice wood floor.
Other structures on summit: 
Several ground mounted photovoltaic arrays, two older communication equipment housing buildings, a newer communication building, a communication tower, and two large propane tanks sit near the lookout.  Another communication building sits under the lookout.
Electric power source: 
The communication equipment is powered by several solar panels.  Many other older solar panels remain onsite as well.  The lookout is powered by two small older style solar panels mounted on the tower which charge two sealed deep cycle batteries housed inside the cab.  12V loads include two incandescent lights, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, the radio and cell phone.  A portable inverter is present as well.
This is a very unique lookout.  Due to the watershed it is somewhat isolated but it has an excellent view of Mt. Hood as well as a surprising view of Portland.  Many days some Washington peaks are visible as well.  The summit itself is covered by Rhododendrons making for an overall great location.  Although it doesn't see much fire activity, should a fire start in the watershed extinguishing it is of high priority to protect the quality of Portland's water supply, thus warranting the use of the lookout.  

A very big thank you to Clayton Weir (Hickman 2002-2003) for access to the site, thanks again Clayton.

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers July 2002

The lookout from the communications tower



Notice the old pole for the phone line

Hickman through the trees


Notice Mt. Hood in the background on the right


The lookout from the helipad





The lookout at dusk with the mountain in the background

Mt. Hood in the evening


The mountain earlier in the day

The mountain through the trees

Sunrise over the shoulder of Mt. Hood viewed from the lookout

Hickman Lake

Sunset from the lookout






A view of the mountain from the road


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