Hershberger Mountain Fire Lookout


Administrative agency:Rogue River NF

Staffing status:last staffed in the 70ís, it is used for emergencies and is opened to the public, it may be added to the rental program

Elevation:  6200 ft

Structure:1925 D-6 cupola

Access:there are several ways to access this tower on the rout I used, a gate was present many miles form the tower, if this is closed, you had might as well give up, however, it is likely left opened at least during the summer, as it controls access to the whole area, several signs are present from various locations, the site is at least 10 miles from the pavement

Road conditions:the road is graveled, some places are a little rough, but not too bad

Interior:the interior has been nicely restored, it contains a shelf, and ladder, besides that it is empty

Other structures on summit:a garage which was used for living quarters is now used to house solar powered radio equipment

Electrical power source:NA

Other:this LO was reportedly falling apart in the early 90ís, when it was restored and is now in excellent shape, it is nice to see that some people care about historic towers, the tower is not located exactly on the summit

Visited:Dominic Luebbers in July 2001

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the garage


Rabbit Ears

Hershberger from the road


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