Harness Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  DFPA

Staffing status:  paid position, is funded in part by East Lane FPA and Weyerhaeuser corporation



Access:  the tower lies 3-4 miles behind a locked gate, no signs are present, the gate is around five miles from the pavement, the land belongs to Weyerhaeuser, and is closed to public access, it may be possible to get access with a hunting permit

Road conditions:  the road is well graveled all the way

Interior:  an electric light, heater, large refrigerator, stove, and water heater are present, the cab also contains a bed, table and a nice counter

Other structures on summit:  many radio towers, some sit next to the tower, others are a quarter mile away

Electrical power source:  grid power

Other:    this is the only tower I have been to with a flush toilet, the engines pump water into barrels on the catwalk, a pump then pumps the water into the toilet, sink, and hot water shower, the shower and toilet sit in an enclosure directly under the cab, the toilet even empties into a septic tank, this is a nice tower with a nice view, it is too bad it is not opened to the public, sadly Bob Hibdon who had been working on the tower for many years died in November 2001, he was a very good lookout and will be missed

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in July 2001


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the view of the surroundings from this nice lookout


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