Halls Point Fire Lookout


Administrative agency:Rogue River NF

Staffing status:paid position

Elevation:  5006 ft

Structure:  1956 ground mounted R-6

Access:a gate is present less than ľ mile from the tower, the gate will be closed, but visitors are welcome, the LO is signed several times, the LO is approx. 7 miles from the highway

Road conditions:the road starts out well graveled, but some wash boarding is present, approx. 3 miles from the tower, the road turns to mostly dirt with some potholes, it is somewhat rough, but drivable

Interior:the cab contains a portable propane lantern, a refrigerator, stove, and heater powered by propane, it also contains a bed, table, and counter, it has recently received some work, and both the exterior and the interior are in good shape

Other structures on summit:a solar powered radio repeater sits near the LO, it has a large solar array, and propane backup generator

Electrical power source:the LO has solar power for the radio, if I remember correctly, the solar panels on the LO point an opposite direction than the ones on the repeater, someone is losing power

Other:this is another somewhat strangely located station, it sits less than three miles from the White Point LO, they are located on the same ridge, but do to the terrain, they can not see each other, and donít share much (if any) seen area, the tower does have a solar heated shower, a black barrel sits on the roof, which gravity feeds a showerhead,  the Halls Point LO has been there for years, and is enjoying it

Visited:Dominic Luebbers in July 2001

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