Green Ridge Fire Lookout


Administrative agency:Deschutes NF

Staffing status:staffed by volunteers, it is a rental in the spring and fall

Elevation:  5400

Structure:  1961 20 ft wooden tower with R-6 cab, a viewing deck is located under the cab, picnic table included 

Access:a gate is present approx. 1/4 mile from the tower, it will likely be closed, the LO is signed pretty good once you get closer to it, I think it is about 15 miles from the pavement

Road conditions:the road was well graveled, but rather wash boarded in some places, the spur road is dirt, but it was in good condition and free of ruts upon my visit

Interior:the cab has a propane refrigerator, and lighting, it likely contains a propane stove, a bed, and table

Other structures on summit:none, two permanently mounted propane tanks are present

Electrical power source:a very small solar panel is located on the roof, probably for the sole purpose of powering the radio

Other:some sort of shower had been setup under the cab, the location of this LO is different, being that it is located on a hillside, one side of the LO looks into the parking lot however, the view from the opposite side is great, Jefferson isnít too far away, and there is a dramatic view of the Metolius  river, this is a nice LO to visit

Visited:Dominic Luebbers in August 2000

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  this is a crude panorama taken from the lookout

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