Gobblers Knob Fire Lookout


Administrative agency:  Mt. Rainier NP

Staffing status:  it is ready for emergency use, as well as a stop for wilderness rangers

Elevation:  5485ft

Structure: 1933 two story lookout

Access:  once, the LO requiring the least hiking in the park, it now requires the most, several years ago Westside road washed out four miles from Round Pass, where the trailhead is, the road has been repaired, but is only opened to park vehicles, and will likely stay that way, now visitors must hike four miles up the road, .9 miles to Lake Gorge, and 1.5 miles to the tower, for a grand total of 12.8 miles roundtrip, I suggest taking a bicycle, which is allowed on the road portion, I pushed it about 3/4th of the way up, the road climbs every inch of the way, and makes it difficult to ride up, the next .9 miles to the lake is almost level, the final mile and a half is fairly steep, when you come down, you can look forward to riding your bike, and taking four miles off the trip, it is also possible to access the tower from the Gifford Pinchot, which may be somewhat shorter, I am not sure

Road conditions:  the road to up to the closed portion is well graveled

Interior:  the cab contains lighting, a stove, and a heater powered by propane, a bed, and table are also present

Other structures on summit:  none, not even an outhouse, propane tanks are portable

Electrical power source:  a small solar array is attached to the roof, it charges deep cycle batteries for the radio repeater housed in bottom of the LO

Other:  this is the best LO I have ever been to, my favorite by far, if you come up on a clear day, the view of the mountain is excellent, the hills and valleys are dramatic, the tower sits on a large rock of sorts, the only view of logging is off into the Gifford Pinchot, sadly the first time I came, I did not have a camera, and the second time I came, the view was limited due to clouds, still well worth the hike     

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in August 1999, and August 2001

click on the lookout to see pictures of the interior

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many pictures of the tower

as you can see the tower sits on the edge of a rock outcropping

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Mt.Wow.JPG (23364 bytes)

Rainier.JPG (23515 bytes)

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Lake George

Mount Wow

Mt Rainier in the clouds

the view on a cloudy day  

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view3.JPG (24931 bytes)

Gobblersfurtherviewofdot.JPG (38611 bytes)

Gobblersfarviewofdot.JPG (34756 bytes)

Gobblerscloseviewofdot.JPG (32430 bytes)

more of the cloudy view 

the tower from further on the road

the tower from closer on the road

the tower from close to Round Pass

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