Fox Butte Lookout


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Fox Butte Lookout along with he L-4 living quarters

Administrative agency:  Deschutes NF
Staffing status: 
presently used during lightning storms only, it was staffed fulltime in 1995 when nearby East Butte Lookout was rebuilt
1933 80ft steel Aermoter tower with gable roofed L-4 cab moved from Sixteen Butte in 1948 for living quarters
the road is paved a good amount of the way from La Pine, at lest 10 miles of gravel road driving is still necessary to access the tower, the roads are signed fairly well with road numbers, as you approach the lookout it is specifically signed as well, there are a couple opportunities to make a wrong turn so watch for that, signs indicating a locked gate is present and there is no turnaround start to appear as you drive up the butte, then around a mile from the lookout a locked gate is encountered, parking where you can still turn around is advisable as the signs are correct and backing down from the gate would be difficult due to a drop-off on one side of the road, when you arrive at the tower a sign on the landing encourages visitors not to climb it, however the tower is in good shape and many visitors likely ignore the sign
Road conditions:
 the gravel road is in pretty good condition, although it is somewhat wash-boarded in places, the road up the butte is mostly dirt, and closer to the gate has large ruts in it
the interior of the L-4 is mostly empty, the lookout interior is mostly empty as well with the exception of the fire finder stand, remnants of the old phone system are still visible on the underside of the cab
Other structures on summit: 
the L-4 once used for living quarts sits next to the tower, it is in fair condition but needs some work, the Deschutes NF seems to have a strong commitment to their staffed towers rebuilding four of them recently, although they don't seem to give much attention at all to their unused towers
Electric power source: 
the view from the top is expansive in most places, seeing where the forest comes to an end and the BLM land begins, visitors to this lookout have the opportunity to enjoy the quiet as well as a nice view of the less recreated part of the forest
Dominic Luebbers August 2002

East Butte is faintly visible through the saddle in Quartz Mountain

the view of the high desert


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