Foley Butte Lookout



Administrative agency:  Prineville ODF
Staffing status:
  paid position
  5484 ft
  1953 60ft? wooden tower with modified hip roofed wooden cab
Access:  coming from Prineville the road is paved around 9 miles of the way, it then changes to gravel, signs are limited, continuing around 8 miles a four-way junction is encountered, on the left the road continues a little ways until a locked gate is present with a sign saying "fire lookout access" attached to the gate, from there it is a little less then a mile walk to the lookout, when walking some spurs are encountered but it is fairly easy to find your way to the lookout, due to the lack of signs it is best to have a map with you, an Ochoco FS map is adequate, some spurs are encountered along the way, but using the map it is pretty straightforward, log trucks may also be encountered along the drive, it is also worthwhile to note that when accessing the lookout (or other ODF protected lands) during periods of high fire danger all vehicles are required to carry an ax, shovel, and gallon of water or fire extinguisher
Road conditions:
  the paved road is in good condition and does diminish in condition somewhat toward the gravel section, the remainder of the road is graveled rather well but does contain some potholes and such, after the gate the road is in somewhat worse condition, but most visitors will have to walk that portion anyway
  the interior contains a propane stove, heater, refrigerator, and maybe propane lighting, it also contains a bed, table, and other furniture, large windows make the view less obstructed for an overall nice looking cab
Other structures on summit:
  a permanently mounted propane tank sits right next to the tower
Electric energy source:
  a small solar panel is connected to a charge controller, which is then connected to a deep cycle battery located inside the cab, this powers the radio, cell phone, and possibly other small devices
  Foley is located only several miles from the Ochoco NF boundary to the east, with state land making up most of the remainder, views are nice taking in a good amount of forest and even a glimpse into Prineville, along with a rather treed summit making for the need of the taller tower, visitor activity is rather light making for a quiet location
Dominic Luebbers September 2002

can you see the lookout in the distance between the trees?





the view toward Prineville

Black Butte can be seen off in the distance

the view toward Gerow Butte Lookout



Foley as it looked several years ago, special thanks to former Foley Lookout Bruce Mills for the photo

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