Flagtail Fire Lookout


Administrative agency:  Malheur NF

Staffing status:  paid position

Elevation:  6584 ft

Structure: 1966 53 ft wooden tower with R-6 cab

Access:  no gates are present, the LO is located approx. 5-6 miles from the pavement, it is well signed from there

Road conditions:  the road is well graveled, and in pretty good condition

Interior:  the cab contains lighting, a heater, refrigerator, and stove powered by propane, a florescent light is also present, a table, counter and bed are also included

Other structures on summit:  a storage shed sits next to the LO, a permanent tank supplies the propane, the original crows nest from the 20's or so is still there, part of the tree is still living

Electrical power source:  the LO contains several solar panels for the radio, lighting as well as personal devices, Joe has his own system, of a small solar array, wind generator, and gas generators

Other:  Joe and Joan had been staffing Dry Soda, but they moved to Flaigtail in 2000, when the previous LO got sick, he passed away in the winter of 2000, they have quite the setup, they pull their large fifth wheel up to the tower, Joe halls water up in a large tank, a larger portable tank provides the RV with propane, he has recently purchased a wind generator, they are very nice people, go up and say hi

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in July 2001  special thanks to Ralph Thompson for use of his photo

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the tower from the tree perch

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original tree perch 
Ralph Thompson photo

the view at sunset


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