Flag Point Fire Lookout


Administrative agency: Mt. Hood NF

Staffing status: contract, rental in the winter

Elevation:  5651 ft

Structure:  1973 60 ft wooden tower with R-6 cab

Access:  the LO is approx. 4-5 miles from the paved main road, it is signed at this point, a gate is present approx. mile from the tower, it may be the LOs discretion on what to do with it

Road conditions: the road is graveled, it does have some potholes, and is a little rough in some places, still it is accessible in most vehicles

Interior: the cab is lit with a compact florescent light, it also contains a stove, and refrigerator powered by propane, heating is via a woodstove, a radio, bed, sink, counter, and table are also present

Other structures on summit: propane is stored in a permanent tank, several outbuildings exist,  some are used to store firewood, a solar powered seismograph is located on the tower, a radio building and tower sit on the road right before you come to the tower

Electrical power source: the LO is powered by a small solar array, which charges deep cycle batteries, the light is powered through an inverter, the radio building has its own solar array, and possibly a backup generator

Other: this is a nice LO, with a good view, it sits somewhat on the side of a cliff, well worth the visit

Visited: Dominic Luebbers in June 2000


this picture was taken from a rock pile where the old L-4 likely sat

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Mt. Hood  

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Fivemile is out there somewhere

Flagpoint from Fivemile

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