Fivemile Butte Fire Lookout


Administrative agency: Mt. Hood NF

Staffing status: rental, used for emergencies

Elevation: 4627 ft

Structure:  1957 30 ft wooden tower with R-6 cab

Access: a gate is present approx. mile from the tower, it is only opened by renters, the tower is approx. two miles from a paved road, depending on which route is used, it is signed fairly well from the most popular route

Road conditions: the road is in pretty good condition, well graveled

Interior: the cab contains a stove powered by propane, the refrigerator was broken as of my visit, a woodstove is present for heating, and a compact florescent light bulb is used for lighting, a radio, small sink, bed, counters, and table are also present

Other structures on summit: a shed (possibly the original) is used to store firewood

Electrical power source: solar panels charge two deep cycle batteries, which power the light via an inverter, the radio is 12v

Other: the view is not perfect due to some trees, but is still pretty good, the LO is in good shape, evidence of the old phone system can still be found on the tower

Visited: Dominic Luebbers in June 2000


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the LO at night 

a trail goes right by the LO

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