Fall Mountain Lookout



Administrative agency:  Malheur National Forest
Staffing status:
  available in the rental program, although apparently not being rented as often as lookouts west of the cascades
 5946 ft
  1933 15 ft wooden tower with L-4 cab containing external pole shutter props, which may have been modified
Access:  there are several ways to access the lookout, the rout I took was around 4 miles from the paved main road to the lookout, it is well signed from the pavement, with no gates present
Road conditions:
  the road is well graveled in most areas and should be usable with most vehicles
  the cab contains a refrigerator, heater, stove, and lighting powered by electricity, a bed, table, and shelves are also present 
Other structures on summit:
  an older garage which could use some work, a RAWS, and approximately 4 communication towers with accompanying buildings, some with propane backup generators, are present, click here to see the weather conditions on Fall Mountain (this links to a NOAA site)
Electric energy source:
  this is presently the only Oregon lookout in the rental program to have grid power
  the cab could use some paint, and a little work, an old telephone insulator was still hanging on the bottom of the cab, the tower portion was recently replaced, giving this historic lookout additional life, as well as being rented to provide for upkeep of the structure, hopefully this trend will continue, it is nice to see this continued care for lookouts that reside on the Malheur
Dominic Luebbers July 2001


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