Fairview Peak Lookout
(also known as Bohemia Mountain)


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the lookout has recently had some minor work preformed on it and seems to be in great condition

Administrative agency:  Umpqua NF
Staffing status: 
staffed most or all of the season in 2001, again staffed several months in 2002, apparently also rented early in the summer before staffing
1972 53ft treated timber tower with R6 flat cab equipped with large windows
  there are several different ways to get to the lookout, it can be accessed from Oakridge although that way contains more gravel road driving and some of the signs are damaged and missing so given a choice coming from Cottage Grove is the better way, the road is paved for a good portion, then coming to a junction with the gravel road, the roads are signed with road numbers, traveling is then on a long gravel road which at times seems to be the wrong road due to length and direction traveling, as you get closer the lookout is visible many times, three of four miles from the lookout the lookout is signed, and again at every major junction, no gates are present
Road conditions: 
the paved roads are in very good condition, the gravel road is in pretty good condition the majority of the way, as you approach the lookout the condition diminishes, the final accent to the lookout is in bad condition, it is very steep and consists mainly of large rocks and dirt, no guard rails are present, meeting another vehicle on this portion might be interesting, I have read about plans to redo this portion of the road in the future, if not is is possible to park and walk up the last portion if you chose to
the interior contains a propane refrigerator, stove, lights, and heater, as well as a bed, table, and shelves, the cab is also equipped with nice large windows which must be very nice to work with, painting the interior wouldn't hurt
Other structures on summit: 
a small building sits under the tower which apparently houses communication equipment, likely for FS repeaters, a large propane tank and a newer vault toilet sit next to the tower along with the picnic table, a second communication building sits in the parking area along with an antenna tower, another building is present slightly before you reach the lookout as well
Electric power source: 
solar panels are likely mounted on the roof of the lookout, the lookout radio is apparently powered by these with batteries likely housed in the building below, the second radio building on the summit also has a small solar array mounted on it
rather inappropriately named, Fairview has an excellent view of the surrounding area, for a Westside lookout you can sure see a lot from this location, not only is there a very panoramic view of the surrounding forest for long distances, many major mountains are also visible, including The Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson, and Mt. Hood,  more if you look a little, at least several other lookouts can also be seen including Mt Scott, Harness, and Illahee Rock, some buildings in the valley can be seen as well, the lookout seems to be somewhat popular with visitors, and is close to the rented Music Guard Station, the large parking area, picnic table, and vault toilet are a nice touch
Dominic Luebbers August 2002

the lookout behind the second radio building

the large vault toilet sits in front of the rock pile

Fairview Peak from one of the access roads, if you look carefully you can see the lookout in this photo

not shown in the photos below is Bohemia Mountain one mile SSW of the lookout, which blocks the view in that direction


this photo taken from the parking area


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