Dutchman Butte Fire Lookout


Administrative agency:  DFPA

Staffing status:  paid position


Structure:  probably the only three legged tower in Oregon, the tower part came for an old gas station sign in town, a catwalk was added much later, it is presently a 15ft all metal tower and cab with a flat roof

Access:  it is the only DFPA LO with no gate, you can drive right up to the LO, it is a good 10 miles from the pavement, do not follow the sign to Dutchman Butte, it leads to Big Dutchman, the LO is on Little Dutchman, there are no signs that actually point to the tower

Road conditions:  the road is not too bad, some potholes, and it does get a little small at points

Interior:  the cab contains a refrigerator, stove, and heater powered by propane, lighting is via a battery powered lantern, a table and bed are also present

Other structures on summit:  none, propane tanks are portable

Electrical power source:  a 20 watt solar panel is used to power the radio and controls on the refrigerator only

Other:  Dale has been a LO for at least five years, and is enjoying it, he has also worked at Bland, every window at Dutchman opens

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in June 2001

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