Dry Mountain Lookout



Administrative agency:  the lookout sits on the Ochoco NF and is staffed by the Burns Interagency Zone
Staffing status: 
paid position
 1932 70ft steel tower with ground cabin living quarters
  there are several ways to get to the lookout area, coming from Burns past Bald Butte seems to require the shortest amount of gravel road driving, perhaps around 11 miles, coming from Riley is also decent but will require more gravel road driving, once in the area the roads are signed fairly well with road numbers, and there are not many other roads that could be taken by accident, the lookout is not visible until you are close to it, about 1/3 of a mile from the lookout a gate is present, the lookout was not staffed the day I visited and it was locked, however it very well could be opened when it is staffed, if it is not opened the walk is easy
Road conditions:  the paved road from Burns is in good condition, once on gravel the condition is pretty good with some bumps and such for an overall fair condition, coming from Riley it is paved a good amount of the way but then becomes gravel which is rather wash boarded, either way the last approximately 5 miles of access road will be the same and it is in fair to good condition
  the interior of the cabin likely contains the necessary furnishings and appliances, the tower likely contains the standard equipment and also appears to contain a propane appliance, likely a heater
Other structures on summit:
  the cabin sits next to the tower along with a permanently mounted propane tank, another building sits near the tower, a radio repeater building and tower sit near the other structures as well, a shower setup is located on the side of the cabin, it contains a black tank which gravity feeds to the somewhat enclosed shower area, a second water tank gravity feeds to the sink
Electric power source:
  a photovoltaic array is mounted on the roof of the radio repeater building which apparently powers the repeater equipment only, several small solar panels are mounted on the lookout apparently to power the lookout radio only, closer observation will note at least one problems with the setup, the panels are mounted in such a way that a shadow is cast over part of them during part of the day, this results in amps being needlessly lost
  it is great to see agency cooperation in this area, resulting in a good number of lookouts being staffed, and the other emergency lookouts still being cared for, an excellent job by the Burns Interagency Zone (BIZ), the view from the lookout is very expansive especially looking to the south, Bald Butte Lookout 10 miles to the east can be seen with binoculars, the mountains of several other lookouts also seem to be visible, and possibly the lookouts themselves as well, the summit is somewhat spacious and somewhat forested but is also covered by dry grasses, visitors to this lookout will enjoy the quiet as well as the expansive view
Dominic Luebbers September 2002

the lookout from the gate area

  the tower through the trees as seen from the road


the cabin and radio building from the tower


the view east towards Bald Butte Lookout

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