Devilís Peak Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:Mt. Hood NF

Staffing status:used as a cabin for hikers only

Elevation:  5045 ft

Structure: 10ft L-4, built in 1947, remained in active service until 1974

Access:the road to the trailhead is almost 10 miles off the pavement, there is another trail that can be used , but it requires more hiking, the trail I used was about 1.5-2 miles one way, it doesnít climb that much, so it is an easy hike, no signs that mention the tower are present, not even at the trailhead

Road conditions:this is a bad road, the first mile is somewhat graveled, but the rest of it is dirt and naturally occurring rock, the rocks are large and sharp, many ruts are also present, making it a very bumpy ride, I really wouldnít recommend this one unless you have at least some ground clearance, and donít mind putting some scratches and a wear and tear on your vehicle

Interior:the interior contains two beds, some shelves, a small woodstove, and a table, people have left food and dry clothing there

Other structures on summit:a small shed sits directly under the tower

Electrical power source:NA

Other:the tower is in fair condition, it could use a lot of work, but isnít too bad considering it is no longer used, the door is unlocked, all of the widows are intact, many trees have grown up around it making the view spotty in places, the mountain is visible from the trail, the ranger district may be interested in volunteers to work on the lookout

Visited:Dominic Luebbers in October 2001

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the view would have been better on a sunny day

Devil's Peak from the road

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