Coffin Mountain Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  Willamette NF

Staffing status:  paid position

Elevation:  5771 ft

Structure:  1984 ground mounted R-6 cab

Access:  the trailhead is accessible by several different roads, a sign was present near the main the highway, the trailhead spur was not signed, however it is not hard to find, the trailhead is 7 miles from the highway, the sign at the trailhead says it is 2.5 miles to the lookout, however I am sure it was at least a mile shorter than that, the FS website is in agreement with me

Road conditions:  the first 3 miles or so is paved, the rest of the road is well graveled, a pothole or two is present, but overall it is in good condition

Interior:  it likely contains a woodstove as well as some propane appliance  

Other structures on summit:  a solar power radio repeater is present a quarter mile or so from the tower, a storage shed sits near the tower, what looks like a helipad sits near the tower, a small propane tank sat under the cab

Electrical power source:  the radio repeater had solar panels on it, the lookout did not have any, however a stand sat next to it where some were likely mounted during the summer, some electric lights were mounted on the outside of the cab

Other:  signs are present at the trailhead reminding visitors to bring their own water, not to disturb the lookout, that the lookout is closed to the public, that the outhouse on the summit is closed to the public, and there is no camping on the mountain, the lookout is visible from the road in several places, the tower is in great shape and has been maintained very well, it sits on the edge of some cliffs, the view is excellent with many mountains in the distance

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in November 2001

Coffin Mountain slightly before it is reached from on trail

Mt Hood in the distance it is hard to see in this photo

Mt Jefferson

  the radio repeater  in the distance

SiSi Lookout can be seen in the distance

Three Sisters seen in poor lighting

view of Coffin from the trail

Coffin from the road

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