Clear Lake Butte Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:  Mt Hood NF

Staffing status:  contract and in rental program during winter

Elevation:  4458 ft

Structure:  1962 40 ft wooden tower with R-6 flat cab

Access:  two gates are present on the road leading up to the tower, if the first one is closed, a two mile walk is necessary, if only the second one is closed, it will be less than a quarter mile, both were closed on my visit, although it was not staffed at that time, the bottom gate may be opened at times

Road conditions:  if you are lucky enough to drive up to the LO, you will enjoy a very good road, it is good gravel, possibly even paved up most of it

Interior:  reportedly, furnished with a propane stove and refrigerator, as well as solar powered lighting, a woodstove as well as a bed and table

Other structures on summit:  a radio building sits directly under the tower, with solar panels and antennas mounted on the tower, another building that is apparently used as a storage building set in front of the tower

Electrical power sources:  solar power

Other:  a small shower shack was setup under the LO, a trailer had also been pulled up with wood in the back for renters during the winter, a phone line is visible along the main road, some of the old phone equipment is visible near the lookout 

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers June 2000


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