Cinnamon Butte Fire Lookout


Administrative agency:  Umpqua NF

Staffing status:  paid position

Elevation:  6417 ft

Structure:  1955 41 ft wooden tower with R-6 flat cab

Access:  a gate is present 1-2 miles from the tower, access depends on the LO, it was opened during my visit, the tower is signed at the pavement, and a sign in posted on the gate

Road conditions:  the road between the pavement and the gate is graveled, however it could use some grating, the road between the gate and tower is of lesser quality, and some ruts are present, still it is passable in most vehicles if you drive slow

Interior:  the cab has recently been remodeled, including repairing damage from when the roof blew off, it contains electric lighting, the old propane lights have been converted to electricity, a propane heater and stove, the refrigerator is capable of operating on either,  a bed, counter, and table are also present, the interior is one of the nicest I have ever seen, with new windows, a sink, hardwood floor and ceiling, this is the only cab I have been to with an air conditioner

Other structures on summit:  at least one radio tower

Electrical power source:  LO has grid power

Other:  a water tank sits under the LO, and is filled by engines, a pump pumps water into the cab, and also to the shower next to the water tank, this is a visitor friendly station, with a nice view

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers in July 2001

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