Burley Mountain Fire Lookout


Administrative agency:  Gifford Pinchot NF

Staffing status:  I believe it has been staffed in recent years, although, it may not have been staffed in 2001, and will not be staffed in 2002, it is likely used for emergencies if it is not staffed, it was rented during the winter several years ago, but will not be used until repairs are made

Elevation:  5304 ft

Structure:  1934 ground mounted L-4 

Access:  a gate is present very close to the LO, it is likely locked most of the time, but it is only a short walk from the parking area, some signs are present from several directions

Road conditions:  there are several ways to come to the tower, both seem to be graveled, and in pretty good condition, but may not be best for low clearance vehicles

Interior:   the interior contains lights, a refrigerator, and stove powered by propane, a woodstove is present for heat, it also contains a sink(without running water), several beds, and a table 

Other structures on summit:  a radio building is present which appears to be heated by propane, as well as a picnic table, several plaques about the LO, and several permanently mounted propane tanks

Electrical power source:  many solar panels are present on the radio building, a seismograph is possibly housed in the building

Other:  the LO is in pretty good condition, it could use some paint, some holes have been cut in the shutters as small windows for some reason

Visited:  Dominic Luebbers September 2000

click on the LO to go inside


Burley2.JPG (41622 bytes)

Rainier.JPG (27019 bytes)

plaque.JPG (38039 bytes)

StHelens.JPG (23069 bytes)


Mt. Rainier, I believe I could see High Rock Lookout in the distance

the plaque 


St. Helens above  the outhouse

outhouse.JPG (27399 bytes)

Burleydot.JPG (43701 bytes)

solarequiptment.JPG (42451 bytes)

moresolareuqipt.JPG (39267 bytes)


  the brick outhouse 

Burley from the road

solar panels



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