Bull of the Woods Lookout


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The lookout from the outhouse area, notice the snow still remaining in July


Administrative agency:  Mt. Hood National Forest
Staffing status: 
staffed through 1963, then used for emergencies through the 1980's, it is has been used by the public as well
1942 10ft tower with L-4 cab
to access the shortest trail the road travels approximately 10 miles of gravel, it is well signed to the Bull of the Woods Wilderness, then hike about 3 miles of easy to moderate hiking, the trail is adequately signed with at least one spur trail lading off, free maps of the area are available at the RS
Road conditions:
  the gravel is somewhat wash boarded in parts, but should be usable to most vehicles, the trail had some snags down over it but was mostly clear,  it was a rather wet winter, and I encountered quite a bit of snow on the lower portion of the trail so take note of that if you are planning on hiking in the early season, excessive snow will make the trail hard to find, also note the lookout is located in the wilderness so wilderness restrictions apply, you will need a NW Forest Pass to use the trailhead as well as a self issue wilderness permit which is available at the trailhead free of charge
a deteriorating propane stove and refrigerator, several shelves, a table, at least one old bed, and some tools are housed inside, many vandals have written or carved their names into the interior, several of the windows are broken, some effort has been made to protect the structure with tarps and plywood over the openings, the roof is in need of work as well, not to mention signs of rodents
Other structures on summit: 
a portable propane tank which has likely gone unused sits below the tower, an outhouse which is mostly fallen apart is also onsite
Electric power source: 
it is unfortunate this lookout is no longer used, sometime not too long ago it must have been important enough to place the propane appliances inside, a radio antenna and parts of the propane line are also present, the site has a nice view of the forest as well as Mt. Hood and Jefferson, SiSi and Gold Butte lookouts are easily visible, Gold Butte is rather close and it is interesting to note that it sits down in a hole somewhat, the view of a communication tower outside the wilderness reminds you that you are not located too far from civilization, the lookout is in need of a lot of work which it may not receive due to the wilderness location
Dominic Luebbers July 2002




One of the many lakes in the wilderness






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