The Shively Creak Smoke  

I spotted this one in the morning during a thunder storm in between the clouds.  I was locating the azimuth when it disappeared.  I called dispatch and told them that I had spotted it, but it went away.  Canyonville was tapped due to other smokes so they told me to keep an eye on the area, but they didn't have anyone to check it out.    At least five hours later I was getting something out of the oven, when I looked up and saw the smoke again.  I tried to work up a legal, and then called in a ten-33.  Our plane was up, and 10 minutes north.   It flew over, when they were above me the air attack person called me.  He said "520, air attack," "I said "520," "were over you, can you still see it?"  "Yes," "oh!"  As they circled they were called by my boss's supervisor.  He said "what do you have there?"  Air Attack said it was burning in a remote area, old growth, "heavy heavy fuels."  They continued to circle and start to guide the engines in.  As they did Silver Butte and Mt. Scott called in their reports.  My legal was a section off, but it even took the ground crews a wile to get it right, so I didn't feel too bad.  This was around 19:00, so they knew they wanted to knock it down somewhat before dark.  They ordered a light helicopter, it worked for a wile until he had a problem with the bucket.  A retardant drop was ordered from Klamath Falls for one drop, they wanted two, but they only had time for one.  Soon our plane, the lead plane, and the tanker were circling.  The retardant plane dropped two half load drops.  Crews worked late into the night.  The next morning I woke up to see two helicopters working on the fire, one was a heavy.  It was soon called to another fire.  Mop up took days, the total acreage was around five.  I was interesting to watch all of that going on less than seven miles from my tower.

Buck Rock Smoke

Can you see the smoke?  I saw it, although it was a little easier in person.  Click on what you think is the smoke to see if you are correct.


This was my first actual smoke, I had reported another one earlier in the day, but it went out on it's own.  I even got the section right on this one.