Bland Mountain Fire Lookout

Administrative agency:DFPA

Staffing status:paid position

Elevation:2969 ft

Structure:1996 metal tower with wooden cab, the tower was a water tower at the Canyonville compound, but was shortened and moved to the mountain

Access:the tower is around 4.5 miles from the pavement, be sure to come in from the north unless you like long rough roads, a gate is present .6 miles from the tower, it is the lookoutís preference on access, Debbie the relief usually leaves it opened, no signs are present

Road conditions: , the first three miles are graveled pretty well, some wash boarding and potholes are present, the next 1.5 miles is mostly dirt with some natural rocks, the last 300 ft are steep and you do not want to get stuck in the middle, you may slide backward with your breaks on

Interior:the cab contains a propane refrigerator, stove, and heater, a small battery powered lantern is used for lighting, a bed, counter, desk, bench, and table are also present

Other structures on summit:none, the summit lives up to itís name, two portable propane tanks are present

Electrical power source:a 20 watt solar panel charges a small deep cycle battery, this powers the refrigerator controls, as well as the radio, I had my own active system to power my television, compact florescent lights, fan, radio, and cell phone, I used the Christmas Lights on the catwalk occasionally, I also charged my small shower battery from my solar panel

Other:   this was my home for the summer of 2001, I was lucky enough to get a job offer from the DFPA, and chose Bland Mtn, I loved the job, I hoped I would not get board, and I didn't, the location is somewhat strange, the tower sits somewhat east of the actual summit, so there is not a panoramic view, the tower also sits down somewhat in a valley, and visibility is limited to 12 miles in some places, I didn't receive many visitors, I did spot some smokes, and provided cross azimuths on others, Debbie my relief already had a shower setup, I added to it to make all the comforts of home, Debbie has been working on lookouts for years, she originally staffed Silver Butte fulltime, but then moved to relief, then to Bland relief, if you visit, you may see her up there  

Visited:Dominic Luebbers in March, May, and June-September 2001

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March.JPG (28884 bytes)


the tower from different areas      

the tower in March


May.JPG (39462 bytes)

May2.JPG (38776 bytes)

viewfromwest.JPG (29370 bytes)

viewfromwestlower.JPG (30681 bytes)

viewofMay.JPG (29421 bytes)


tower in May

    the tower from the west  

the tower from the road in May


dobson.JPG (36006 bytes)

RebbutteMay.JPG (21709 bytes)

redbuttearea.JPG (34683 bytes)

silverarea.JPG (35555 bytes)

whiterock.JPG (35776 bytes)


Dobson Butte 

Red Butte in May


Red Butte in August compare this picture with the one take in May

Silver Butte behind Canyon Mountain

White Rock


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