Black Butte Lookout


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Administrative agency:  Malheur National Forest
Staffing status:
  used often for emergency detection
 6235 ft
 1964 20ft wooden tower with modified L-4 cab
Access:  the lookout is specifically signed from the highway which is not too far away, driving is then on a paved road for a short ways until you reach the FS road, this is in fairly good condition and is signed somewhat well, but finding the spur to the lookout can be sketchy, missing the turn can mean driving down a steep road hugging the side of a cliff for a long ways until an opportunity to turnaround is present, the correct spur is rough, but no gates are present
Road conditions:
  the road is pretty good until you reach the last two miles or so, it then turns to dirt (perhaps with some gravel) parts of it are rough with wash boarding, large rocks, and potholes, be prepared for a rough ride, visitors in passenger cars may want to walk the last portion
  the cab contains lights, a stove, refrigerator, and heater powered by propane, it also contains a bed and table
Other structures on summit:
  a permanently mounted propane tank sits next to the lookout, slightly lower on the mountain, a generator powered communication building with tower is present along with some propane tanks, this might be a state police repeater
Electric energy source:
  the tower is apparently used enough to warrant the placement of solar panels on the roof to power the radio
  the lookout is in pretty good shape, but could use some paint, some sort of small shower hut was built under the stairs, but is now falling apart, views include some forest as well as patchy rangeland off forest, as well as some mountain ranges 
Dominic Luebbers July 2001


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