Baughman Fire Lookout


Administrative agency:DFPA

Staffing status:had been un-staffed in the late 80ís, and early 90ís, it has been staffed in recent years, and probably will be staffed for years to come



Access:the LO sits on private land, a good five miles from the first gate, this gate may be left opened, making the walk from the second gate less than a mile, it may be possible to access the area sometimes without trespassing, but passing through either gate most of the time is trespassing, and the area is patrolled

Road conditions:the road is paved up to the first gate, and is rather good gravel from there

Interior:the cab is furnished with a stove, refrigerator, and heater powered by propane, it also contains a bed and table, lighting is provided with a battery powered lantern

Other structures on summit:none, propane tanks are portable

Electrical power source:a 20 watt solar panel is used for the purpose of powering the radio and controls on the refrigerator only

Other:only one window in the cab opens

Visited:Dominic Luebbers in July 2001

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    Baughman view  

Baughman is out there somewhere


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